February 21, 2023 Awarding of the Golden Medal of Merit of the City of Vienna by State Parliament President Ernst Woller in the Armorial Hall of the Vienna City Hall, laudatory speech Univ.Doz. Dr. Johann Dvořák. photos

Since 2010 Um:Print Talks in the Vienna Künstlerhaus, an event organized by the Institute for Science and Art” Project management of art in public spaces

2009 “Print location: Vienna”, Austrian prints, catalogue, National Gallery Sofia

2008 speaker at international symposiums, including the symposium on the 80th birthday of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Natural History Museum, Vienna, and the “Matrix” symposium as part of the International Print Network, Künstlerhaus Vienna.

2007 Lectures on printmaking at universities (Vienna, Budapest, Sopron) and other educational institutions since 2010 “Um:Print Talks in the Künstlerhaus Vienna”

2007 Organization and project supervision of the enamel painting “Dreaming a dream…” by Susanne Zemrosser in the U2 station Praterstern

Since 2005 print exhibitions at the Renner Institute, Vienna 2005 Awarded the professional title “Professor” by the Federal President. Laudation by Univ.Prof. Gerda Fassel, University of Applied Arts Vienna

2006 – 2015 editor of the magazine “Um:Druck – magazine for printmaking and visual culture” and freelance art manager, cultural scientist and journalist with a focus on contemporary printmaking, media history and the history of visual culture, exhibition organization, art management.

1979–2005 employee at the Vienna National Education Association

2004 Organization and project management of the painting “Movement of Souls” by Michael Hedwig in the U3 station Stubentor

2000 Academic Education Manager, certificate renewed in 2006

1986–2005 Director of the Kleine Galerie. & editor-in-chief of the “Wiener Kunsthefte”, from 1997 under the title “Wiener Kunsthefte – Magazine for Prints”, publisher Die Kleine Galerie.

Artistic and administrative organization of exhibitions of contemporary Austrian and international art in the Kleine Galerie and other locations

Editor of the “Lesezirkel”, literary supplement of the “Wiener Zeitung” (editor-in-chief Thomas Pluch), contributions to German and Austrian literary history

1994 Promotion Prize from the City of Vienna for popular education

Organization of symposia on fine art, art education, philosophy. Editor of the “Lesezirkel”, literary supplement of the “Wiener Zeitung” (editor-in-chief Thomas Pluch), contributions to German and Austrian literary history

Curator and organizer of exhibitions:

1992 “The Human Body”, sculpture exhibition in the park of the Lainz Hospital, catalogue, in collaboration with Dr. Dieter Schrage (curator at the Museum of Modern Art Vienna)

1996 “A Mirror. Realistic Art in Austria 1945 – 1995”, catalogue, Wiener Linien customer center, in collaboration with Dr. Dieter Schrage

1996–2002 Artistic and administrative implementation of the “Druck-Platte” edition

1997–2005 Development and specialization of the Small Gallery into a center for contemporary Austrian and international prints, exhibitions with prints from Austria, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Poland, Israel, India, Japan, USA, etc.

1998 Organization and implementation of Austrian exhibitions in Celje, Skopje, Budapest, Istanbul, Varna. Participation in the Estampa, Madrid, and the Salon de l’Estampe, Paris

Juror at international print biennials/triennials, e.g. Varna, Bitola, Užice, Gornij Milanovac, Beograd

Studied German and history at the University of Vienna. Representative of the field of study earned a doctorate in philosophy with a dissertation on German philology: “Critical Songs. A contribution to the history and theory of alternative culture in Vienna
1968 – 1983”. First reviewer Univ.Prof. Dr. Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler. Published in 1986 in an abridged version under the title “Thank you, you live” by the Austrian Federal Publishing House, Vienna.